Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Elvis Presley's home - Love me tender

My short Arrangement of Love me Tender with photos I took at Graceland. A Family visit to Elvis's Home, Graceland, in Memphis was a great experience. Lot's to see. I put together a little slide show of some of the pictures I took at Graceland and Sun Studios where Elvis first began his recording career. One of the pics show him out front of Sun Studio with the secretary who believed in Elvis's talent. The other guy may be Sam Phillips who owned Sun, can't remember, maybe some of you know.
One of the pics is a famous pic hangin on the wall of Sun Studio, and it has Elvis at the piano with Johnny Cash, Carl Lee Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis. What a moment captured in time. We really enjoyed are visit down to Memphis, it was special walking through Elvis's home and seeing all the memorbilia.

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